Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The name thing

Day 2 went just as well :) I cannot say enough good things about the staff here. I really respect the way they treat the children and I really enjoy their company as well. Just in case you were wondering, the kids are still cute and beautiful in every way :)
We went to the park in the morning and did some more sliding and playing. The big hit today was those little vehicles that you put money in and they move around and make noises. They just go up/down and side/side, but the kids really loved them. I know that I am going to enjoy watching them have a lot of new experiences when they come home. They are just so happy to do small things. I hope that doesn't change for a while.

Another thing we loved was bubbles! I was amazed again by Sam's attention when he really likes something. We were told that he can't pay attention to things, but boy did he keep blowing bubbles over and over and would squeal when he got a good bubble stream going ;) I really think a lot of his issues are due to nobody at his (previous) orphanage paying attention to him. Anyhow, we just played around in the morning. We also played with the velcro ball thing I brought (yay target dollar bin!) and one of those super high bouncy balls.

In the afternoon, we went to the main office that oversees the group homes, to play there and have a more relaxed time coloring and just visiting. I brought coloring book and crayons, and one of those dry erase boards that is clear plastic and you stick various activity sheets (to include the ones where you learn to write your letters!) under the plastic and write on top of it. Sofi did great copying the numbers and english letters that she was not familiar with. I am excited to leave that here so she can practice (another plug for the awesome staff who is going to work with her while I am gone!).  I know she will learn quickly! Sam appears to be left handed, but we will see! It will be exciting to have a lefty in the family so my uncle Bob and my cousin Dave don't feel left out :)

Can you tell that Sofia loves having her picture taken? She asks all the time, especially when we do something new - "take my picture". Of course, I oblige :) She will then look at it and ask for a redo if she doesn't look good in it. LOL.
I also brought some clothes for them to try on so I knew what size to bring when I come and pick them up. I have visited several of my sponsored children and always get comments on how well I pick the size of their clothing, so I was feeling pretty good about my choices. After all, I did have their measurements from one year ago. Just add a size (or not for Sam) and I should be good, right? Wrong! Sofia apparently had a massive growth spurt, and Sam didn't grow at all LOL. Her size 6 just fit, but was a little short, and his 5T was waaay too big. I will be bringing 2Ts for him next time :)

I really do try and take equal amounts of photos of each child, but Sam just won't pose with us and is too busy running around. Sofia on the other hand, is a magnet for that camera. So I will probably have a few more photos of her cause she's more than willing :)
Some things I noticed today:
1. Sofia always has a huge, ready smile each time I even glance her way. I have been told she is hungry for attention and love, and she sure eats it up. She just seems so eager to please, and flashes me that smile each time I look in her direction. Some of the time I think it is because she is genuinely happy, and the other times, I think she just wants me to like her. I hope she will soon realize that she doesn't have to be smiling or try so hard for me to love her! We'll work on it.
2. Sam has issues with the potty. Well, not really issues, but as I have said before, he wasn't given any attention, and when he was sat on the potty every few hours, he would go, but was never taught to ask or tell someone when he had to go, so he would have accidents. Because of this, they are teaching him to ask, and now put him in a diaper (size 4!) when he is going to be out of his routine. The first day, he started acting like he had to go (or went, LOL) and we asked him and he said 'yes I have to go'. When we took him in there, he had already went. So today, the social worker made him look right at her, and told him that when he has to go potty, he needs to TELL us before so we can take him. And, he did! twice! No accidents. Like it was never an issue. No big deal, nothing. I really do think he is a quick little guy and will really catch up with lots of love and attention. I cannot say how relieved and happy I am that while they are waiting for me to pick them up, they will be in the group home setting, getting individual attention from the staff and psychologist.
Now back to the title of my post. Sofia and Samuel are the names I have chosen for them. However, their current names fit them so well (and I will be allowed to post them here when the adoption is final). BUT, Sam's given name is considered to be a girl's name in the US, but it is not pronounced the same here, so it sounds masculine at the moment. So I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. I don't want him walking around being pint-sized with a girls name :/ They do not have 'middle' names, so I just might keep their given names as their middle ones, I dunno. It will be a tough decision.
Anyhow, I will have more to tell you tomorrow! I am excited for each day but don't want it to go by so fast :)


  1. Blessed by your journey & sharing. Praying for you & so happy to read how well it is all going! ((HUGS))

  2. Thanks so much for the update! Maybe you can respell his birth name so that it sounds appropriately masculine? You don't have long to decide! :-)